When it comes to tribute bands, you can't go past this show. This is not only one of the best tribute shows going around, this is regarded as the BEST AC/DC tribute.
From an idea first spawned in 1986 by original Lead Singer, Bob Topping, “BACK IN BLACK” the original AC/DC tribute eventually took to the stage in 1988.
After a name change around 1994, that band re-grouped to become THUNDERSTRUCK and has been wooing audiences as a collective for more than 30 years.

Fast forward to current day, (Original “Back In Black” member) Rohan Moran has been playing the part of Angus Young from the bands inception, nailing every solo with a brilliance unlike that of any other guitarist playing Angus Young.

Lead vocalist, B.J. Vernal (2005), not only covers the songs of Brian Johnson brilliantly, but sounds so much like Bon Scott on the eariler AC/DC, you would think “he is possessed by the great mans spirit”, as many fans have put it.

Put this together with the rhythm section of Nick Hunt on drums, (July 2018), Dave Ross (bass, 1998) and Danny Borthwick on rhythm guitar (July,2005) as Malcolm Young and you have got one fantastic show!

From AC/DC's first album (disc) 1975's HIGH VOLTAGE to the latest one in POWER UP, the tribute Show THUNDERSTRUCK not only gives you the music of AC/DC, but also a brilliant visual aspect. (see bio's for more info).

"It's a long way to Melbourne if you wanna rock 'n' roll, but it helps if it's with THUNDERSTRUCK" - MARK EVANS - Formerly of AC/DC.

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As soon everything is back to normal, we’ll hopefully be posting up some gigs...


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THUNDERSTRUCK @ BONFEST, Scotland in May 2020 

This was announced on our FB page a couple of months back.

THUNDERSTRUCK has been invited to perform their full show at BONFEST in Kirriemuir, SCOTLAND, UK on the first Weekend in May 2020. The boys are extremely excited and proud that their hard work and being the best AC/DC Tribute in AUSTRALIA has paid off. 
More about this, soon.

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year 

After a fantastic, busy year, we would like to thank you all for your support last year. 

We hope everyone has had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year and please, stay safe, we hope to see you all back at (at least one of) our shows in 2020.


Our drummer Nicco, who broke his ankle in the latter part of last year, is hoping to be up an about and back on the Rock 'n' Roll Train very soon.

We have some Great things coming up for the band this year, so get around us and enjoy the ride with us!!!

Thank you for supporting us and being part of it.

In Rock We Trust...!!

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